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Route 1 (new route): From the provincial city of Chiang Rai, take the Chiang Rai - Mae Chan route for 29 kilometers. Then, turn left onto Highway No. 1089 (Mae Chan - Tha Ton) at Kilometers 856 before reaching the main entrance of Amphoe Mae Chan, passing the Pa Tueng hot spring, Lan Thong Village, the distance is 31 kilometers. At kilometers 55, turn right and follow the winding mountain path up for 13 kilometers, a total distance of 73 kilometers.


Route 2 (old route): From the provincial city of Chiang Rai, the Chiang Rai - Mae Chan route takes you through Amphoe Mae Chan for a distance of 1 kilometer. Turn left and follow the signs to Doi Mae Salong. This path is quite narrow and winding about 23 kilometers through Ban Pha Duea – a stop for hill-tribe handicrafts, and then Ban Pa Miang. At kilometers 10, turn left onto Highway No. 1234 at the T-junction of the Hill-tribe Development and  Welfare Centre (distance of 25 kilometers), and via Ban Iko Sam Yaek. At kilometers 9, take a left turn for another 12 kilometers (right turn takes you to Ban Thoet Thai). Hence, the total distance of asphalt road from Chiang Rai is 64 kilometers. From Doi Mae Salong a road leads to Tha Ton, Amphoe Fang of Chiang Mai province, a distance of 45 kilometers